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If you know you are a good person but you feel UNFULFILLED – you aren’t alone AND you aren’t wrong for wanting MORE out of Life!


This is an Abundant Universe and yet we often experience LACK.Open to ReceiveWomen today are STRUGGLING to Receive in every area of their lives…

WHY? Biologically, we are meant to receive! But our culture has bred it out of us turning us into ACHIEVERS instead of RECEIVERS.

Modern women can MAKE it Happen, GO FOR IT and we accomplish ALOT. That’s wonderful~ but there is a dark side to all this Achieving~ LESS Receiving!

When Women constantly STRIVE utilizing their own determination instead of ALLOWING the Universe to SUPPORT them, they become fertile ground for RESENTMENT, UNHAPPINESS and BURNOUT.

RECEIVE Prosperitywhat is receiving?Receiving is a SKILL. It’s supposed to be as easy and natural as breathing, but women today have lost their capacity to EASILY Receive because they’ve become disconnected with their Feminine where all receiving occurs.

Receiving isn’t ‘taking’ nor is it ‘passive’- Receiving is a dynamic energy that INVITES your desires right into your life!

Receiving is a dance between the MASCULINE and FEMININE- but if you don’t know when to be in which energy, or you are mostly in one or the other, your ability to Receive will be MASSIVELY diminished.discover feminine formula receiving

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So who am I and why listen to me about Receiving..?

Hello, I’m Shakaya Leone and I am an Abundant Receiver!

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Learning how to Receive makes you an INVITATION to everything you dream of and desire.

Isn’t it time you discovered for yourself HOW TO BE AN ABUNDANT RECEIVER?




This is an ONLINE GROUP Program  

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Ready to Receive?

Discover SECRETS to MONEY, LOVE, OPPORTUNITY and everything else you dream of!

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most women not aware


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I am rocked to my core.
My work with Shakaya has shifted me into receiving in a radical way, bringing me deep into my feminine! I was blown away by her dedication, passion and commitment to my receiving. She opened portals to my soul to bring me deeper into my true, authentic feminine. After the very first session my entire rent got returned to me magically, and I was treated like a VIP at a party. I have softened my resistance to receiving and connect with my feminine in such an aware and graceful way. Synchronicity after synchronicity continue to find me. There’s no denying my power to receive now! I am SO grateful. Every woman owes it to herself to activate their feminine formula of receiving with Shakaya- I’m so glad I did!
Allyson S. 
Intuitive Healer
By the third class after a 3 month dry spell in my business I had received 2 new VIP clients at my highest package I offer and I the amazing thing is I didn’t ‘chase’ them to work with me, it all happened so effortlessly. This work was very deep. And also fun!
Catherine B.
I am very impressed with Shakaya Leone’s course on Receiving! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shakaya for many years and she is a wonderful source of inspiration for me and she clearly knows how to receive. I have a wonderful life, but there are some things that hadn’t been coming my way and now I completely understand why and how to shift that as I step more into my own feminine power. Shakaya’s course is packed with ancient knowledge of the feminine plus modern practices of exquisite self care that have transformed my receiving as a woman forever. For one thing, I realize how in our society we spend so much time in masculine behaviour that we lose some of our feminine essence- this is no longer an issue for me. I have re-discovered parts of me that have been lost and I now am feeling my femininity in a brand new way! Thank you so much for putting this course together Shakaya, I am already seeing benefits from it! I am so excited and motivated and feeling that everything is possible for me. I know in my heart that my life is going to change in ways I can’t foresee as yet. What I can see, is that it now is within my power and it is totally up to me. This information will enhance the life of every woman who allows herself to receive it! 
Carol N., The Boomers Guide To Meeting Mr. Right
I THOUGHT I was open to receiving but boy did I learn how much I was actually the cog in the wheel. I was shocked! But the good news is that by the end of the second class I was easily able to turn all that around because of the tools and practices I learned in the course. Shortly after completing my work with Shakaya my boyfriend of 3 years has suddenly proposed! And people at work have been treating me differently too, with more generosity and respect. I couldn’t believe how fast my life has opened up since working with Shakaya.
Debbie R.


In just a few short sessions, Shakaya completely transformed my way of thinking. After years of hard work, struggle, exhaustion and frustration, I was ready for something new. So I said YES. Shakaya effortlessly opened my eyes to the fact that as women, we give and give and completely drain ourselves to the point of depletion and then resentment. And when we don’t see the results that we were looking for, we give even more. This is exactly what I was doing.

Shakaya helped me remember that we are deserving of so much more. Such things as purpose, confidence, money, prosperity, spirituality, peace, love, beauty and health are all at our fingertips and easier to grasp than one can possibly imagine. I was intrigued but didn’t know how to stop myself from falling into my same-old negative patterns of complaining and feeling drained by my life. Shakaya taught me how to let go of my fears, release my resistance and reframe my mental blocks in order to truly realize my life’s goals and intentions. The process had soon lifted huge weights off of my shoulders andfor the first time, I could see my life clearly.  I had gone from weak and lost to powerful and intentional.

Since our classes have ended, I have become a completely new Receiver! And I am seeing the fruits of my labour- my life has completely shifted and I have started seeing the abundance all around me! I will never be over-worked and over-exhausted again….for Shakaya has taught me that the world gives.….and we as women just need to learn how to receive!

Shakaya speaks with love and from the heart and is highly intuitive, and it so obvious that she just wants every woman to find their true purpose and live their life to the fullest. There is NO ONE better suited to teach women the art of receiving a life filled with love, abundance and happiness. I am so grateful that she helped me to transform my life into something extraordinary. Thank you Shakaya!

Leokadia, The Ridiculous Girl Blog



It was a joy and privilege to work together with Shakaya. Each session I felt a relief and a happiness wash over me, as I realized more and more how natural it is to receive, let go, celebrate, be kind to myself and deeply listen to my hearts desires.

Shakaya clearly went through the journey of receiving herself, in great depth. By sharing her own experiences I was able to recognise my own limitations and blocks to receiving in my life. Shakaya graciously guided me through my blocks and resistance that were still present in me. By looking my ‘stuff’ in the face, I was able to release them and create space for more creativity, flow, happiness and ABUNDANCE. 
What I received from this journey is that loving and caring deeply for ourselves unconditionally, is an absolute necessity for a wildly THRIVING life! Thank you dear Shakaya, for creating this course and being my mentor.
Fleur Van Til, joylovegrace.com
Working with Shakaya on the feminine ways to prosperity, abundance, and receiving was magical! In fact the soft, sensuous way she delivers her message made what I believed would be “difficult” work anything but!
While working with Shakaya, I found that her intuitive nature led her to delve into many aspects of my life that I had no idea related back to my ability to receive. This was tremendously important because for years I’d fabricated stories about my inability to create prosperity. Shakaya shone her brilliant light on these stories and helped me create new, true beliefs which have changed everything!
Never in my life have I felt so light, hopeful, and happy regarding my ability to receive and enjoy abundance. This is so perfectly evidenced by my ability to bring 2 new clients into my design practice, as well as get on the phone to request payment from a former client that had ignored 2 of my invoices- and get paid!
Working with Shakaya will be one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever gift yourself. Expect the miraculous, enjoy her feminine energy, but most of all embrace a new way of being especially around receiving. Because after your work with her, your life will take on an entirely new and positive trajectory!
Laura B.
receive yourself
Three days after I made the decision to sign up for the receiving program with Shakaya I received an unexpected sum of money! During the program I asked for a raise and not only got it but was promoted! And since the program I have been receiving money, gifts and invitations almost constantly- I feel like I am in the flow now in a way I never was before because of the practical practices and awareness I have now that has opened me to receiving, and I’m so grateful!!
Melany D.
Before this course I thought in order to receive I just had to declare I was open and ready- but what I didn’t get was that I didn’t actually know HOW to receive and therefore I was actually pushing things away without even knowing it! I can’t believe how much I learned in this course- it was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time and I really enjoyed it and feel like a MAGNET now!
Julie K.
Before I did the Formula of Receiving course I used to reject people and opportunites I wanted without even realizing it! After just the first class my eyes were opened to receiving and it blew my mind how much I was blocking myself! NOW I can honestly say I know how to receive and the results have been simply MAGICAL. Thank you Shakaya!
Alysse L-H.
I have learned alot about myself and how I created debt in my life. Through the process Shakaya shares in the first class I was able to open my heart and change my whole perspective about debt and receiving. I was so STUCK and frustrated and now I feel like a new person- relaxed and free and more confident about my life. I feel motivated and know I will be free of this debt sooner than I ever could have before because I have been releasing things I have held onto forever and now already I’ve been receiving help with a plan and also support from my family. Thank you Shakaya for your compassion and dedication that has lifted me out of a dark place and put me on a path of becoming a bountiful receiver.
Clementine M.

It’s Time for YOU to Receive & you knew it the
moment you came to this page!

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Shakaya Leone is an Earth Empress who elevates a woman’s life into an experience of radiant, feminine, sensual beauty. Shakaya is a fulfilled wife and mother and founder of Earth Empress. Women from around the world work with Shakaya to discover the magic of prioritizing themselves through Exquisite Self-Care and The Feminine Formula of Receiving.

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If you’re READY to stop Struggling & Settling, Open to Receive NOW

Disclaimer: We make every reasonable effort to ensure that we accurately represent our program and its potential for transformation. However, we make no guarantee that you will receive the results of our other clients, and by agreeing to use our program you accept the risk that transformation will vary by individual and cannot be guaranteed in any respect. The actual results you experience will depend on a number of factors over which we have no control, including your individual effort, committment and unique circumstances. You agree that we are not responsible for your failure or success. As per industry standard, we don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. However, if you are truly READY to commit to this journey and do the work in this program, we’re confident you too will become one of our best testimonies with amazing transformation that thrill and delight you. We can’t wait for you to get started!

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