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nude food

the kitchen is a temple and our food the prayer we bring to it

Let’s become artists in the kitchen, and throw away any doubt we’ve been carrying and create food filled with passion and love. It’s what heals the body and opens the heart.

Whole foods, a gift from the earth infuses our being with the shimmery and delightfully open energy of our inner goddess. Your shakti will rise. You will stand tall in who you are like a queen. When we walk in our goddess bodies we inspire others to do the same.

With this amazingly sensual, brilliant and confident energy that is wholly ours, we bring so much to the table besides amazing, healing food. We bring the calm. We bring the wild. We bring possibility. We bring dreams to the surface and live the life we love.

Food is about who we want to BECOME. We want to share food together that compliments who we are, what we are doing, and where we want to be going. 

I have had many blessings in my life. One of them is cultivating exquisite health through eating nude food. It has transformed my health, appearance and my energy. And it can do the same for YOU. Check out Nude Food ebook!

Come through this doorway, and your life will change forever…Nude Food Recipe ebook!

shakaya’s sublime key lime mousse

squeeze limes, into a juicy pool of goodness. the scent of citrus fills the air and entices him to peek over your shoulder. swirling a creamy, delicious dab of green goddess vibrancy, he licks it off your finger. is it too sweet or too tangy? you loosen your silk scarf from your hair and wrap it around his neck to pull him close, very close. you whisper to him that you are taking him somewhere exotic. somewhere fresh. somewhere he has never been before. he agrees.

  • 4 limes squeezed
  • 2 ripe avocado
  • ¼ c agave nectar, raw honey or 8 pitted dates
  • 1/3 c baby spinach optional
  • a dash of pure vanilla powder
  1. process until silky smooth and creamy bringing all the tangy goodness together
  2. enjoy as a fun-do to dip fresh fruit slices into, or layer with fresh berries in a tall parfait glass

All the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and don’t require cooking or baking.

get up and gojicakes

we wake up in the morning and want bright, living food. food that infuses us with omegas and cleansing power. we want to feel light, to live with focus and vibrancy. we want to glow and smile, to feel good. these goji berry pancakes are full of love and life; a delicious way to start your day.

fresh fries

she wears lace stockings, and dabs vanilla on her wrists tucking a little sachet between her breasts so her warmth will infuse it’s lingering scent all day long. she takes small bites and savours them, breathing deep with her eyes closed. she sees herself as beautiful, flaunting her imperfections like jewels. she knows she is worthy of eating well and taking exquisite care of herself. of course. she has a french soul.

watch the video here
Undress your food and eat it nude; fresh, raw, beautiful food. It’s the sexiest way to eat and will seduce you into happiness, open your heart and you will love every bite you take.
And I promise you…
it will love you back!
with agave and wildflowers,

nude food ebook’s brocoli beauty

manicotti meow

sugar free jungle peanut fudge

golden crust sunshine quiche

voloptuous veggie rolls

and DOZENS MORE radiant raw food adventures available INSTANTLY in this gorgeous ebook!

This is the answer to how NOT to spend hours in the kitchen, health food stores and online trying to figure it all out!

Nude Food ebook is an invitation to a whole new world of eating food filled with enchantment for a whole new YOU.

Nude Food is unlike ANY Recipe Book

  • Discover the excitement of Raw Food!
  • Look and feel Younger with Raw Food!
  • Take Your First Leap Info Raw Food for Radiant Health & Unparalleled Beauty!

You will also discover:

  • How pH affects everything from your emotions to cancer, and how to keep it balanced with ONE simple food
  • Which ancient food enhances mood, LONGEVITY and Beauty that you could eat everyday
  • The ONE food that calms the appeitite, making weight-loss EFFORTLESS without hunger (How come not everyone knows this??)
  • 10 tips to Sensual Eating so you ENJOY more and eat LESS

Plus ALL Shakaya’s mouth-watering recipes are GLUTEN-FREE DAIRY-FREE EGG-FREE SUGAR-FREE and don’t require any cooking or baking!

*Note: this is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. You can receive Nude Food ebook INSTANTLY after purchasing. No waiting for shipping!

 fans of nude food

‘Every recipe is delicious and makes me feel I’ve done something good for my body, and soul.’

There is no doubt about it. After trying so many of the recipes, Nude Food has become one of my favorite books- ever! This is a lot for my to say. As a chef for 16 years  and  now also a holistic health coach I have read and tested 100’s of recipes. Every one of the recipes in Nude Food has been delicious and every morsel makes me feel like I have done something good for my body, and soul.  Well done . Beautiful.  My kids love it too- and as a Mother you know that counts a lot!  
With much love to you,  
Joanie White

‘Shakaya, Weaver of Magic, you have done it again – it’s just ever flowing from you.’  

I have this Mona Lisa smile on my face that is delighted with the awe and reverence that you bring to ‘nude food’ ~ you know, that ordinary stuff that grows in the ground, that we wash off and eat.  You transform raw food, with ease, grace and simplicity, into a delicious delicacy that gets my mouth watering and moving me in the direction of my kitchen so I can have some ~ soon!

Beauty is food, too ~ it nourishes our soul and heart and mind!  So, through ‘nude food’ we’re getting fed on all levels.

I love everything that you have done ~ the recipes are well selected and a lot of them are with ingredients that are already in my kitchen so I will make one this morning.  I love the pictures and the attached videos and the artistic layout.

I love your creativity and authenticity which have been there since the day I met you all those years ago.

You are a gift in my life, and thank you for the gift of this gorgeous recipe book – I will start making recipes today!

You’re doing beautiful inspiring work Shakaya!

love Nisha

‘Shakaya’s work has been a light through a health crisis and dark time.’

I merged paths this past year with the most radiant, warm, sweet spirit…Earth Empress!

Her heart work, The Body Cleanse, The Beauty Cleanse and her book Naked Beauty, has been a light through a difficult health crisis and dark time. Her wise ways and words has illumined my path to optimal health and wellness!

To open the pages of Nude Food is to open a magical gateway that leads to beauty around you and nourishes the beauty within you!

Earth Empress: your heart is in every page of Nude Food and I am grateful for you…and your Sunshine Golden Crust Earthy Mushroom Quiche!

All Love,


My Kitchen Apothecary


‘Shakaya’s passion for a healthy life is contagious!’

My husband and I were both diagnosed with Crohn’s over 10 years ago.

After countless disappointing doctors’ appointments and after trying tons of medications with horrible side effects, I finally met Shakaya Leone….. she was the light at the end of our dark tunnel.

With Shakaya’s compassion, understanding and sincerity, she helped us see a whole new life without ailments.

And Shakaya’s passion for a healthy life is contagious- it made me excited every time I met with her!

Shakaya Leone is an inspiration and I have enjoyed learning her secrets- especially all her AMAZING recipes!


Mother of two

‘Dearest and Most Appreciated Shakaya! Your recipes are ALL so good!’

Over the years I have tried more raw recipes than any of us could count. I have every recipe book every printed, I swear! You have no idea the amount of food I have wasted and how well fed my compost pile is.

Some were bitter and awful, some were just nasty no two ways about it, or SO boring I fell asleep eating them.

But YOUR recipes are always good.

I can print off any recipe of yours and put it on the menu with confidence that I will like it! Maybe our taste buds were created similarly, who knows? Last week I even did your Italian Pasta Primavera thing with the marinated veggies and it was sublime!

Anyway, thanks for having such a sensible palate!




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