naked beauty

Naked Beauty

Natural Beauty SECRETS… Revealed!

As an Aesthetician and Sensual Beauty, I have heard the concerns and desires of hundreds of women…I listened. Then I wrote Naked Beauty ebook… and it became a Bestseller for women around the world!

Say Hello to Glowing Beauty,

Beauty is your Birthrite! Women want it ALL- natural beauty, radiant health, glowing SKIN, lush HAIR, a sexy BODY- and with my Fountain of Youth Elixirs and Anti-Aging Skin Care, Naked Beauty ebook is going to show you how you CAN have it all!

Ancient Secrets Beauty Revealed

Every woman is beautiful. But that just sounds like a lofty platitude when we are overworked, overwhelmed and overweight. Goddesses don’t neglect themselves…they take exquisite care of themselves, no excuses, no apologies. Because they are worthy. 

Exquisite Self-Care for Stunning Beauty

You have a unique beauty that is ravishing and rare, but you must know how to maintain it and reveal it. There is a radiance that shines through when you are vibrantly healthy. Beautiful women the world over know and practice the art of what I call Exquisite Self- care, and I am going to share their secrets with you!

Who Am I to Write about Beauty?

I grew up with many health challenges, and I never felt beautiful. This all changed as I transformed how I looked and how I felt about myself. I learned to draw out and own my unique beauty.

Having studied health and beauty for two decades, including traveling all over the world interviewing women and researching their beauty secrets, I have been gifted pearls of  beauty and anti-aging secrets. It has always been a dream of mine to feel beautiful and radiant; I’ve learned the secrets, now my dream is to help other women embody THEIR beauty.

Cultivating Beauty is a Skill

For generations, grandmothers, mothers, girlfriends and sisters have passed down Nature’s beauty secrets, using fruit, herbs, spices, aloe, henna, clay, special oils, yogurt, honey and flowers to scent their bodies, soften their skin or color their hair. They did so without using artificial ingredients and toxic chemicals. And, so can you!

In Naked Beauty ebook, I will share the secrets of how to use Nature’s gifts to enhance your own gifts, for breathtaking beauty. As a Licensed Aesthetician, Colon Hydro-Therapist and Raw Foodist, I have explored beauty from the inside out for over two decades.

I will show you how to reclaim YOUR beauty and radiate like a goddess!

Here’s what you’ll discover in my book Naked Beauty~ The Ultimate Guide to Do-it-Yourself Natural Beauty Care~

In Naked Beauty I share My Personal Story

  • Acne? Health issues? Low Self-Esteem? I’ve been there too!
  • How acne and health challenges led me to my transformation from Plain Jane Ugly Duckling to serene SWAN
  • The secret to ENDING cravings that are ruining your looks
  • My secret beauty treatments for VIBRANT beauty

Emotional Beauty

On those days you feel less than gorgeous, I’ll teach you what to focus on so you GLOW.

  • The IRRESISTIBLE elixir that radiant women use to turn any NO into a YES
  • The SECRET to making you magnetically charged to attract ONLY what you want


  • The #1 cause of premature aging and how to REVERSE it
  • How pH affects everything from your beauty to health, and how to keep it balanced with ONE simple food
  • Which ancient food enhances mood, LONGEVITY and Beauty you can eat everyday
  • The MOST nourishing oil for your skin
  • The one food that calms the appetite, making weight-loss EFFORTLESS without hunger

SAVE a Fortune on Cosmetics and Beauty Care

Save HUNDREDS of dollars on skin care.

  • How to turn your home into a luxurious SPA
  • The Easy Way to Beautiful, Ageless Skin
  • SAFE sun for beauty and immune-system boosting
  • How to be RID of liver spots, dry skin

You’ll Discover:

  • My PROVEN 5 step Acne Cure
  • The #1 technique to BANISH Cellulite
  • The Million Dollar Secret to the softest skin EVER

Beautiful skin makes any woman feel confident and attractive. However, if you have acne, cellulite, eczema or psoriasis the underlying problem is the same- I show you how to correct it.

Are Your Cosmetics Aging You?

Are your cosmetics and skin care CAUSING the very dry skin and wrinkles they claim to be helping?

  • The Dirty Dozen: the worst chemicals hiding in your personal care products that are causing HAIR LOSS and AGING SKIN
  • What oil in commercial products literally drains beauty Vitamins A and E right out of your system that you should NEVER use
  • The ‘natural’ moisturizing agent in your creams that is supposed to hydrate your skin but instead ROBS it of moisture
  • How to make our own NATURAL lipstick, blush and bronzer in seconds
  • The BEST essential oils to uplift your mood, clear blemishes, reduce cellulite and enhance your immunity

Ultimate Spa Secrets

  • Conditioning Cleansers for ALL skin types
  • The 3 different functions of the ULTIMATE facial Masque
  • Simple Toners you can make at HOME to shrink your pores

I also share 1 SIMPLE technique that can save you hundreds of dollars in creams and improve your immune system in only minutes a day!

  • The most luxurious bath treatments for Goddesses
  • Natural BREAST CARE
  • My 10 tried and true tips for gorgeous HAIR
  • A NON-TOXIC recipe for Toothpaste, Mouthwash & Deodorant

Fountain of Youth Beauty Elixirs

The elixirs I teach you to make are truly elite!

  • My favorite Juices and Smoothies for weight loss, ENERGY and beauty

My BEST Tonics and Techniques for Pretty Skin

  • Plus natural SUN PROTECTION and MAKE-UP

Natural Beauty Treatments for STUNNING results

  • 10 conditions for REGENERATIVE Beauty Sleep
  • TOP Beauty Secrets from Women around the world all in Naked Beauty ebook!

And so much MORE!

Acclaim for Naked Beauty

I am in love with Naked Beauty…

the yogurt mask is one of my family’s faves (yes, my little boys even use it 😉

My skin looks bright, fresh and smells divine. I love using this as a part of my own sensual template.

Shakaya is true empress, a feminine beauty in every sense.

If you don’t yet have Naked Beauty- you deserve it!

Tara Marino

Shakaya’s ‘Naked Beauty’ creates a portal into the most sensual part of yourself.
I devoured this book like a lover hungry to know every crevice and nuance.
If you want to feel the intoxication of the natural high, I highly recommend this book.

Laura Hollick
Soul Artist

With compassion, hands-on wisdom, and passion, Shakaya Leone has written the book women have been waiting for. Naked Beauty is a book full of delicious, easy and practical ways to finally treat our bodies as our temple, and let it reflect and radiate the stunning beauty of who we truly are.

Chameli Ardagh
Founder of Awakening Women Institute

While we all know we should put good things in our bodies, Shakaya Leone makes you really want to put only good things in.  With love, humor and smarts, Shakaya inspired me to trade in my breakfast sausage for a smoothie, and my body temple and I are eternally grateful!

Christine Arylo
Author of Choosing ME before WE, and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School

Naked Beauty is the most current and deliciously crafted guide taking you deeper into your inner and outer juicy experience! Shakaya keeps it real, raw and refined thruought the entire journey.  Thank you Shakaya, you have really inspired me on a whole new level!

Juju Namjai
Raw Mom/Singer-Songwriter

Like money, beauty is a spiritual thing. And just as beauty isn’t one dimensional, Naked Beauty is layered with simple tips to fundamental basics to profound insights– all designed to bring out the natural beauty that exists in every woman. No matter how busy we are, we feel better when we look our best and when we take care of ourselves.

With all the self-loving pampering treasures in Naked Beauty, Shakaya can make any woman excited about taking care of herself. She has inspired me!

Morgana Rae
The Charmed Life Coach and Money Magnet Queen

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Find out the Secrets that beautiful women use for stunning beauty.

Naked Beauty is a System of Renewal that will:

  • TEACH you what foods are Natural Beautifiers
  • SHOW you the Beauty Basics for RADIANCE at any age
  • IGNITE your attractor-factor so you become IRRESISTIBLE
  • BOOST your beauty IQ about TOXIC chemicals you want to avoid
  • REVEAL luxurious beauty treatments of World Class Spas
  • AWAKEN your inner goddess who knows her value and worth

Read Naked Beauty and unveil your most beautiful YOU today!


*This is an ebook so you will receive INSTANT ACCESS upon purchasing*


When it comes to natural beauty, Mother Nature holds the keys to the Queendom. But, like any sovereign female, she refuses to just spill her secrets. We must honor her wisdom before she will allow her veils to be lifted.

For generations grandmothers, mothers, girlfriends and sisters have passed down Nature’s beauty secrets using fruit, herbs, spices, aloe, henna, clay, special oils, yogurt, honey and owers to scent their bodies, soften their skin or color their hair. And, they did so without using arti cial ingredients and toxic chemicals. So can you.


  • Beautiful skin is the best cosmetic you can wear. A beautiful canvas of healthy, dewy skin gives the best results when you do wish to wear make-up. As a former makeup artist, the biggest tip I give women about makeup is that less is more. Dark lipstick and heavy makeup actually ages a woman’s look- especially as we mature.
  • I’ll teach you how to make your own Rosy Blusher for LIPS and CHEEKS using Beetroot and BRONZER using Cacao and Tumeric.
  • Well-shaped eyebrows can dramatically improve your looks, instantly. Your eyebrows frame your ‘windows of the soul,’ eyebrows make up about 80% of your facial expression.
  • I’ll share with you my 7 Essential Oils to have in your beauty cabinet. Essential oils aren’t oily at all. They are the blood of the plant and contain powerful and complex natural chemical components. Essential oils are medicinal. If that weren’t enough, they smell divine!

nature's beauty is a medicine


This is a wonderful, light cleanser for when you aren’t wearing makeup.
It gently cleanses, tones and moisturizes, all in one step. It is soothing and gentle for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive or couprose skin (tiny broken capillaries that are visibly red, usually on the cheeks). Reduces blotchiness for an even skin tone.

1 C Water
1 T Flax Seeds
1⁄4 C Aloe Vera Gel 1 T Apricot Oil
2 drops Rose EO

Flax Seeds, when soaked in water, create silky mucilage, which is highly nourishing and is the base for this light cleanser, which will clean your face gently without stripping its natural oils.

Aloe Vera has been found to reverse degenerative skin changes by stimulating collagen and elastin, in essence turning back the hands of time on skin. Aloe Vera is an incredible moisturizer, and is anti-in ammatory too.

Apricot Oil is cold-pressed oil from the dried kernels of the fruit. It is high in Vitamin E, and is a great moisturizer because it is light and easily absorbed into the skin. Apricot oil is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture out of the air and locks it into your thirsty skin.

Rose EO is hydrating and moisturizing, due to the water and delicate oils collected from the petals of the blossoms.


Soak your flax seeds in the water overnight until they have swelled and the water has become gelatinous and silky. Strain out the seeds in the morning and use them in your favorite smoothie, reserving and pouring the left-over gel into a beautiful airtight jar. Add the oils and Aloe Vera, shake and cover. Shake before each use. Use at night, avoiding the immediate eye area.

Pour about one tablespoon into the palm of your hand and massage gently onto your face and neck, rinsing lightly and patting dry with a fluffy towel. Store in the fridge for up to one week.


After trying your cleanser that you posted on facebook, I had to buy your book!  It did not disappoint!

It is a wealth of earth nourishing beauty knowledge.  So far I have done the milk bath, Spirulina mask, the coffe-ground scrub, the almond/neroli body scrub…and of course what started it all was your incredible morning cleanser!  My skin is so soft and I am getting so many compliments on my healthy glow!  I love you and your book which has been such a blessing in my life.


I am over the moon when I receive emails like this about Naked Beauty!

Want to see for yourself how beautiful YOU can look and feel?

Get your copy of Naked Beauty today!

Read Naked Beauty and unveil YOUR most beautiful YOU today!

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