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3 rituals of renewal for spring

Greetings Gorgeous!

While I still have some snow lingering, I know Spring IS coming…

I can’t wait to see her new colorful gowns and smell her fresh and fragrant aroma again!

Already I hear the birds singing at sunrise and it fills my heart with such beauty and JOY.

Many of you enjoyed a glimpse into my sensual morning meditation last time and today I have more of my rituals for you to explore!

I love to mark the changing seasons with some ritual and here are 3 you may enjoy:

  1. With intention, I EMPRESSIFY my environment- Spring Cleaning! It’s such a wonderful thing to finally be able to throw open the windows and doors and go through your home with an eye for what needs refreshing- carpets, curtains, quilts, winter clothes stored, letting go of anything that doesn’t feel good or right or beautiful anymore= creates space for magic! No need to get overwhelmed- just start with 1 room or even a drawer and cleanse and beautify your space with some clean rags soaked in water and essential oils (my favourite ones are HERE) and tidy up and streamline your space for a feeling of sweet renewal.

  2. This is the most wonderful time to do a CLEANSE… Some of us did The Body Cleanse recently but there are always more layers to kiss and cherish, right? This time I invite you to join me for the SLIM RADIANCE System. It’s shorter and lighter than The Body Cleanse and the focus includes not only the nutrition piece but also THE BEST exercises to keep you slim and radiant, and they take only 5 minutes a day! People always asks me how I stay slim and toned and THIS program reveals all my real life secrets! This program is especially great if you want to slim and tone those tricky areas: BUTT, THIGHTS, BELLY


  3. YONI STEAMING~ I’ve shared about this in the Chakra Baths Rituals class and yet many of you still haven’t tried so I’m inviting you again to allow yourself this gorgeous sacred feminine ritual. It gently cleanses and tones our lady garden- lips, vulva, and wombspace through light steam that is infused with certain flowers and herbals. You can read about Yoni Steams HERE. You can also buy the herbals there (or at your health food store) plus they have a yoni seat and a yoni meditation available. This isn’t a ‘spring time only’ ritual for you can enjoy it year round but if you haven’t ever had one or it’s been a while Spring energy is calling you…


    What Spring Rituals do you love? Please share in the comments!

    with Spring beauty,

    ps NEXT TIME I’ll be sharing about the Ceremonial Gowns I’ve created for Yoni Steams and other sacred feminine ritual and celebration!

    pps Here’s what you’ll discover in the SLIM RADIANCE SYSTEM:

    • 2 teaspoons of this simple substance a day can end BLOAT after meals
    • a simple food that will help you reduce 80% of BELLY FAT
    • what causes inflammation and how to eliminate it to lose up to 5-10 POUNDS
    • the BEST Lunch and Dinner options for long term weight-loss PLUS SUSTAINED Energy
    • the optimal time to exercise for FAT BURNING 
    • a way to boost natural hydration that also flushes toxins
    • my most effective (and gentle on joints) exercises to reduce stubborn fat on your HIPS & BUTT in just 5 minutes a day!



my sensual morning meditation

Do you have a morning ritual to begin your day?

I have noticed in my own life and with my clients how we begin sets the tone for what unfolds.

Instead of checking your phone and scrolling FB or IG, or rushing out the door,

making a conscious choice to connect with your body and  honour yourself

and a precious new day is vitally important and can be so magical…

I have already shared my own personal S.H.I.N.E. template of my morning protocols 

and today I’m going to give you a peek into what a piece of that looks like for me.




 ps In case you didn’t know I create one of a kind gowns for myself and my VIP clients, and in this video I am wearing one of my designs called the ‘Kimono’.

You’ll be hearing how you can WIN one of my gowns soon… STAY TUNED for that!


*entrepreneurial training* if I can do it so can YOU

Have you ever looked at some of the women entrepreneurs you admire

and you just KNOW you have a message and that YOU could be as successful?


Some of my clients have asked me how to create a beautiful life inspiring women 

in a way that feels powerfully feminine and FUN- and make a good income too!


I’ve been invited by my collegue Amanda Moxley to share how I’ve done it in her upcoming  





IF you ever thought about what it would take to switch from being 

an employee to entrepreneur, check out this free event!


You’ll discover:

– How to fill LIVE and VIRTUAL events with raving fans who adore you

– The difference between ‘high-touch’ and ‘high-tech’

– Fun sponsorship ideas to go into your event making money

– Secrets to standing out from the crowd in the crowded online space

– Tips on dressing for success to attract clients on stage, in video and livestream

– What NOT to do on social media

– Secrets to connect with your tribe AND MORE!




The same success is available to YOU if you stop trying to reinvent the wheel 

and try some simple, practical steps that have worked for me and my collegues.

ps I know this is a little different from what I usually talk about but…

DID YOU KNOW MORE WOMEN THEN MEN are becoming entrepreneurs?

There are so many BENEFITS to having your own business especially for us women!




the beauty of negativity and bad habits


Hello Lovedrops,

It is the first quarter of LOVE MONTH (February) and we are HERE.

We are alive and endowed with our body, our Spirit and our Life!

We desire to share our gifts and live a life of experiences that enchant us.


But we don’t always feel so tuned in and turned on…

life is a journey with many cycles and seasons especially for us women.

We all have ‘bad days’ ‘bad moods’ ‘bad habits’… I know I do 😉


WARNING: I’ve noticed especially within ‘conscious communities’ a sense of

shame or fear to acknowledge our ‘negativity’.


Teachings like The Secret or Law of Attraction can cause us to

deny and denounce all that isn’t ‘feeling good’.


And while it’s true that like attracts like and our frequency is vitally important

hence ESC and a beautiful diet etc etc

I don’t believe negating our truth is healthy or helpful.


We simply cannot successfully operate over top of in a Spiritual Bypass.


That never works and we end up leaking out passive-aggressive energy and

even exploding in a tantrum, or we internalize it and become depressed.


I’m not a fan of ‘self-improvement’ or denial-

instead I invest my energy in curiosity and turning my lead into my gold.


I have found alot of wonder and goodness can come out of negativity!

It’s like the deep, dark soil full of rot and decaying things is a hotbed

of fertility and new life. 


For example, and this one is particularly raw and painful for me-

I have a lifetime of ‘bad days’ ‘bad moods’ ‘bad habits’ all stemming from insomnia.

Despite healthy ‘sleep hygeine’, diet and lifestyle 

I still find it challenging and feel lucky to sleep 4-6 hours a night.

(Fortunately my sleep is very deep and improving every day =D 


Sleep is a spiritual practice and I intend to cultivate it deeply this year.

For living with so little sleep all my life has had health consequences.

Plus I have companions of Melancholy, Fear and Insecurity since childhood.

Has it been Lonely? Frustrating? A Nightmare at times? Yes.


And yet, there has been so much learning, expansion, creativity, compassion and GIFTS… 

I wonder if I would be here with my own business and this blog sharing

my message of EXQUISITE SELF-CARE, Sensual Beauty, Raw Foods, Detox etc etc

had my life and my sleep been much different..?


Insomnia hasn’t been my conscious choice…yet I consciously CHOOSE IT.


I choose it now after years of denying, resenting and despairing over it-

I choose it because at least for now, it’s mine, and when we argue with reality we lose 

and cannot heal or transform any part of ourself that we don’t embrace.




Now it’s your turn to identify ONE of your big ‘bads’-

could be around food or substances, relationships, your purpose, your beauty…


What is initiating in you the desire for change and healing in your life right now?


No judgement, just be kind with yourself and get curious about 

the message it’s trying to tell you and even the gifts its offered 🙂

I’d love to hear in the comments!


with love and beauty sleep,


ps The Healing Baths Ritual call is happening THIS THRUS 

for all Body Cleansers to further support your detox!

 Watch your email for call in details, and the replay if you can’t join live.


look and feel beautiful no matter what you’re doing

First I want to thank everyone who wrote in about my last post!

I received so many that I couldn’t reply personally to them all-

WOW is this community full of SMART, HEART-CENTERED,

CONSCIOUS, women- I so enjoyed hearing your feedback!


NOW for a little BEAUTY LEVITY 😉


For those days when you are working, doing chores,

childcare, cooking, running errands etc and you don’t want

to wear make-up or wash your hair but you still want to look 













I’m in ZERO make-up, with DIRTY hair and HOUSE-WORK attire

but I still feel pretty and presentable.

** The call I was referring to in the above video will be up until Feb:

>>Listen to the REPLAY here:
>>**SKIP to 13 MINUTE MARK as there was technical issues- 
so many of you stayed on the line… thanks for your patience!**

Share how you liked these tips and what tips YOU have in the comments! 


with effortless elegance,



ps The BODY CLEANSE is 50% off  until the end of January~

use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout to receive $100 off!

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