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happy new year lovely!



May this new year softly overflow with


Not because you are so lovely …

 Because you are more than that.

  Receive yourself in 2018!


time to break some rules~ a la reinvention!

Hello Beautiful Rule Breaker, I see you here!

Where to begin, so much has happened since we connected last…

Whenever we feel stuck or down or out just of sync  it’s an OPPORTUNITY

to reflect and reinvent, and O this is FUN and crazy exciting~

so I decided it’s time to BREAK MY RULES.

And before I knew it, my path literally began to reinvent itself.

Maybe YOU want to break the rules too 😉

Lately I’ve been in a major funk and reevaluating everything…

Like I said last time, its time to dream a new dream for myself.

It’s time for an intervention I call REINVENTION.

And, to stop crying, and start mischievously SMILING.

Because if what you’re doing isn’t making you happy, it’s time for a change!

So with all the newfound freedom that comes with an empty nest

I have been marinating into a new Vision for my life…

I’m NOT WAITING until I have it all perfectly presentable-

because whatever you wait for- WAITS FOR YOU.

I’ve been spending time with my secret lady-love— DESIGNING.

It’s something I only get to do when a VIP client flys in for her sacred

transformational Photoshoot and Custom gown I create based on her Essence.

I never sell these gowns, I GIFT THEM TO MY CLIENTS.

Can you imagine how fun and exciting it is for me and my client to experience

her Empress Day together dreaming up the most exquisite celebration of her…

If I had it my way I’d be creating gorgeous gowns for a world of women!


What happened was I had shared some of my designs on Facebook

and several women reached out asking if I would design for them.

I told them I don’t sell my creations; but they persisted in requesting.

I even received a BIG order from a colleague, and another for a bridal party!


This is an exclusive opportunity to have a sensual Shakaya gown.

But before I take you there something else happened,

a COSMIC CARESS letting me know I was truly on the right path…

I was approached by a magazine regarding my son for an upcoming

modelling gig- he had done it last year and they wanted to rebook him.

But he isn’t available this year so when I let her know, I cheekily added:

‘But if you ever want to highlight an up and coming local designer…”

They asked to see some samples of my work and before you knew it I was invited

to do a collection for this private fashion show for industry professionals.

OMGoodness how FAST the Universe moves when WE are in

alignment AND are willing to expand into a new dream.



I never thought my work could be featured in a Fashion Show as

I had kept my designs private, SOLEY FOR MY VIP CLIENTS.

The simple act of intending and opening and being willing to break a cherished rule

of mine created this fun, magical new development in my business.


Where in your life or business can you begin your OWN reinvention?

Please share in the comments, I’d love to cheer you on!


with sheer abandon,

ps If it’s in your pleasure to have your own Shakaya gown








a rainy walk to thank you

Your support since my last vlog ‘a thousand tears’ means the world to me!

This community is wise and loving and I feel so blessed.

I made a video out in the rain for you HERE:

and it’s fun~ Luke was the highlight and stole the show LOL! 


I’m a bit of a MESS these days and my crown feels wobbly

but I don’t HIDE IT for the lotus blooms in the mud …

and we’re not here to be perfect because we already ARE Divine-

we’re here to experience being human and there’s no shame in our struggles

and the more we embrace the MESSY UGLY UNCERTAINTY RUPTURE

the faster we move through them to transform and rise in rapture.


And having YOU here with me during this huge transition is grace…


i love you,



ps Comments I received resonate so deeply:

“I can feel your grief, grief for the family life YOU created.

You missed out on a lot of Family times when your beautiful Mom passed

at such a young age, you went on, digging in your heels for survival.

You did the work to manifested a fairytale lifestyle

while doing the very difficult work that was required of you…

teaching your beautiful boys the importance of health and integrity

all while sharing with those around you all your knowledge so generously.

Now things are showing up in your life very differently,

the new silence in the house that reminds you of the aloneness

you felt after your Mom passed…

Many things can trigger our core issues even when we truly believed we have done

all our releasing and detox work…it turns out we are never done.

“I find your testimony very beautiful…as real as life is…
I appreciate that you have the courage to let yourself be seen vulnerable,
it makes me feel good about my own vulnerable moments…
Thank you,
Loving hug xo”

“I have been following you and admiring you from afar for probably close to 10 years. I have always felt a deep resonance and with you and all you represent. When I am challenged, I secretly attempt to channel you and your feminine wisdom and inspiration. But I have never reached out to you before now. Your message and video today has touched me so, that I had to reach out and let you know that you are very loved, and even in your vulnerability, you continue to inspire and comfort. 

I am also in a period of my life where I am shedding a thousand tears.

I feel that I have lost my community, my tribe, my only “child”, my purpose, my inspiration, my success, my identity. Life is very different in my new chapter, and there is unlimited potential — but even though I have so much love from my husband and abundance around me, somehow I still feel lost and empty.

I know that speaking what is true — especially those very very vulnerable feeling and thoughts —is the first step to healing.  So, I honor you for expressing your sadness and exposing your vulnerability. We WILL re-invent ourselves at this time in our lives. 

I am on this journey with you and I am sending you love and comfort. And so much gratitude for being there for me all these years;). I often think of you as a softer, more refined and elegantly beautiful soul sister — and you have brought me so much inspiration over the years. Keep on keeping on, dear soul sister. The world needs your gift.” 


I suspect you’re feeling extra-special feelings of loss right now

because your Mum never got to send you, Paul and Melanie off,

and you are feeling you’re drowning in the depth

of the loss of your boys leaving your nest.”




“I talk every single day and I spend time with my 24 yr old son and yes it’s still difficult.

I miss him constantly.

And yes I worry too, about all the big and small things.

I stay connected (regardless) of what drama etc is happening in my own life.

I have never ever let a day go by that I don’t at least message him, or text,

or call and of course send musings of one kind or another.

 And yes I still miss him as you miss your boys.

Get choked up and become weepy.

It is (our) “job” (not really an effort of course) to stay connected and (to never ever)

wait for our kids to reach out to us.

It is our job to do that, no exceptions to this rule of quality empowering parenting.”


That one helped me realise how deeply my partner Luke is feeling…





video~ a thousand tears


This is hard for me to talk about because I’m so emotional right now

and there’s little space to feel such painful emotions during times of massive transition

and initiations in our society…

and many just laugh and tell me to ‘celebrate!’

But I’m not sure how I will navigate this new chapter

and I feel like the best part of my life is gone…

My boys moved out to University and it hurts to not hear them laughing or feel their hugs right now…

It’s not about hiding and putting on a pretty face…

honouring our pain creates WHOLENESS

which creates a ripple effect of kindness and gentleness towards ourself and all

Here’s a VIDEO… I’m pretty RAW…

i have been sobbing uncontrollably for months

unprepared for the grief of an empty home

i don’t understand my new reality

tears and tears

that’s my thing now

letting it flow out

but i’ll get through this because i won’t hide or repress it

…reminding myself to trust as i go through this massive transition and painful initiation

Imagine the caterpillar’s struggle would be for nothing if she didn’t endure,

she’d never know the expansion and beauty of her butterfly self that was to come…

I’m grateful my boys are happy and excited about their new lives and adventures to come

I’m grateful for my husband and friends and family and clients who love me…

I’m grateful I can let it out and bring this here and not feel crazy…

I’m grateful for trusting that even though a thousand tears must fall that in time

they will turn to petals at my feet…

I’m grateful for the upcoming reinventions, whatever they will be…

and I’m grateful for YOU ♥


when your life falls apart/isn’t working

Life experience can be so difficult at times…

Whether we are going through a Personal or Global crisis it’s vital to have a solid ‘lifeline’.

To not be swept up in internal storms and hurricanes of fear and loss and shame and blame.

How do YOU find the ‘calm in the storm’ and navigate the wild winds of change that blow into your life??

How to steer the often scary and painful path of your Heroine’s Journey?

Here are my best tips on how to not only survive but THRIVE:

  1. ADMIT YOU ARE IN CRISIS. Don’t hide. This 1st step is often the most difficult for ‘strong women’ who don’t want to appear weak or out of control, but the truth is that life is UNCERTAIN and we all feel insecure and scared at times. We are taught to be stoic and stuff our rage and our passion! We are taught to repress and ‘look good’ and this truly makes us immobilized. But when we share our deepest truest thoughts and feelings no matter how messy, we put ourselves in the hands of the Divine. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but that raw authenticity is so magnetic… people’s hearts open and they want to help! Share what you are going through honestly with people you trust. Transparency is transformative.
  2. ALLOW IN SUPPORT. Again, not always easy or comfortable for women who have always been there for everyone else and don’t want to be a burden. But when we create a wall around ourself of invincibility, that prevents life and love in when we need it the most. Everyone needs to feel supported especially during crisis and I believe we are not meant to ‘go it alone’ but to help one another. We further victimize ourselves when we feel shame and don’t allow the events in our life to crack us open so the Light can flood in. 
  3. CREATE AN AFFIRMATION. This may sound trite or superficial but there have been times in my darkest hours and those of my client’s when it was all we had to hold onto! For example, highly sensitive, spiritual, heart-centered, creative women often struggle with feelings of persecution and not being safe. A favourite affirmation is ‘I AM SAFE. I AM DIVINELY PROTECTED.’ Or ‘I AM WORTHY. IT IS SAFE TO BE ME. I AM LOVED.’ Or ‘I WILL GET THROUGH THIS. I ASK FOR AND RECEIVE HELP. I AM GUIDED.’ It can be very simple and primal- just go with what feels good and right for you!
  4. HAVE SACRED SPACE FOR REFLECTION. Whenever you can it is so vital to spend time in the sanctuary of your own heart and Spirit to hear what is essential for you to hear. To be able to receive your truth and a Higher guidance that isn’t cluttered with the chaos of confusion and emotion. I personally keep a journal and spend time in silence, alone to hone my intuition and to stay centered. It always amazes me how much GRACE unfolds when we’re able to be available for it. We all have the answers but they are hidden within us.
  5. RECEIVE YOUR RECLAMATION. Often when we are quiet and can see things from a higher ground, our perspective can shift dramatically from feelings of VICTIMIZATION to EMPOWERMENT. This is when we can begin the deeper healing process of steering our way through the landmines of SHAME and/or BLAME  into RECLAIM. This step is a total transformation because we begin to feel gratitude amidst the rubble. It’s like kintsugi – the Japanese art of “repairing with gold”. To treating rupture and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. Sometimes bowls would be broken purposely in order to enhance their value through the repair process. We are not broken. We are MORE of who we are meant to be.
  6. CREATE YOUR REINVENTION. This is an exciting step! We have suffered loss and we have been open with our pain and grief, receiving support, going through a deep transformation of healing and redemption. Now it’s time to step into a new part of ourselves that has been birthing through this Heroine’s Journey. That part of us that can now blossom not in spite of what we have been through but because of it! I have known clients and friends who have cut all their hair off, changed careers, sold everything and got a new wardrobe,  lost weight, cleansed and healed chronic health issues, divorced or remarried, changed locations and travelled or finally came HOME to themselves… and found peace and fulfillment like never before. The external conditions are of the past like the wake of a boat and real transformation always comes from within.


These steps may seem superficial next to such devastation but have truly been a lifeline for me (even during homelessness, break-ups, financial loss, illness and long-term suicidal depression) and many of my clients who feel the URGENCY of their life… of becoming FREE and FINALLY living a life that is all YOURS. No matter what.

I am being guided to open space in my calendar to connect with any women who feel lost, alone, scared and are in the ‘eye of the storm’ in their life and truly desire that rock solid foundation of living your truth and reclaiming your power.

Reach out to to schedule some time with me to connect and see if mentorship is right for you.

Remember, you deserve to be supported and if you don’t have the sisterhood and family and structures for safety and success in place already, I am here, and if not me, reach out where you feel guided and please get the support you require!

And in the comments below share your practices of cultivating peace in the storm and where in your life more of your truth and freedom and power is calling.

with LOVE and glowing guidance,

For everyone affected by Irma (my husband has family in florida) and the recent floods and storms and quakes of Mother Earth, we send our healing waves of prayers, love and financial resources and hold you in the Light on this inauspicious day/anniversary of Sept 11 and always…

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