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exciting news!!! 0

I have some exciting news! I will speaking at a 3-day LIVE EVENT this Fall and YOU’RE INVITED. My dear friend Patty Contenta whom I brought you the Sensuality Summit with  has asked me to do a special presentation at her gorgeous live event EYE ~ Embrace Your Essence and I would love to see […]


the art of inviting love 0

A beautiful example of what can be achieved by living love. ~ Carol This is so amazing! You are so amazing! My heart just grew three sizes bigger reading this. ~ ZA This is how beauty in life is created. Thank you. This makes me cry with it’s loveliness. ~ TG This is medicine. Thank […]


i did everything to avoid surgery 23

Hello Love, You may remember quite a while back I told you about my orange-sized ovarian cyst that had been very painful and my health and energy was being affected. I shared that my gynecologist recommended surgery and that would include not only removal of the cyst, but of my entire ovary (!).   To […]


3 rituals of renewal for spring 0

Greetings Gorgeous! While I still have some snow lingering, I know Spring IS coming… I can’t wait to see her new colorful gowns and smell her fresh and fragrant aroma again! Already I hear the birds singing at sunrise and it fills my heart with such beauty and JOY. Many of you enjoyed a glimpse into my […]


my sensual morning meditation 4

Do you have a morning ritual to begin your day? I have noticed in my own life and with my clients how we begin sets the tone for what unfolds. Instead of checking your phone and scrolling FB or IG, or rushing out the door, making a conscious choice to connect with your body and  honour yourself […]

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