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time to break some rules~ a la reinvention! 2

Hello Beautiful Rule Breaker, I see you here! Where to begin, so much has happened since we connected last… Whenever we feel stuck or down or out just of sync  it’s an OPPORTUNITY to reflect and reinvent, and O this is FUN and crazy exciting~ so I decided it’s time to BREAK MY RULES. And before […]


a rainy walk to thank you 4

Your support since my last vlog ‘a thousand tears’ means the world to me! This community is wise and loving and I feel so blessed. I made a video out in the rain for you HERE: and it’s fun~ Luke was the highlight and stole the show LOL!    I’m a bit of a MESS these […]


video~ a thousand tears 4

  This is hard for me to talk about because I’m so emotional right now and there’s little space to feel such painful emotions during times of massive transition and initiations in our society… and many just laugh and tell me to ‘celebrate!’ But I’m not sure how I will navigate this new chapter and […]


when your life falls apart/isn’t working 1

Life experience can be so difficult at times… Whether we are going through a Personal or Global crisis it’s vital to have a solid ‘lifeline’. To not be swept up in internal storms and hurricanes of fear and loss and shame and blame. How do YOU find the ‘calm in the storm’ and navigate the wild […]


if you need it, you’re not ready to receive it 4

This is personal… so skip it if you like, but it’s also PRINCIPLE. And one of the most surprising and even shocking lessons of my life.   All my life I had a deep longing in me … I grew up never knowing my father and then at 16 my single mother passed away suddenly… […]

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