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when your life falls apart/isn’t working 1

Life experience can be so difficult at times… Whether we are going through a Personal or Global crisis it’s vital to have a solid ‘lifeline’. To not be swept up in internal storms and hurricanes of fear and loss and shame and blame. How do YOU find the ‘calm in the storm’ and navigate the wild […]


if you need it, you’re not ready to receive it 4

This is personal… so skip it if you like, but it’s also PRINCIPLE. And one of the most surprising and even shocking lessons of my life.   All my life I had a deep longing in me … I grew up never knowing my father and then at 16 my single mother passed away suddenly… […]


it’s a SWEET MIRACLE!!! 2

Like I always say… MIRACLES ARE RUSHING TOWARDS YOU!   I’ve discovered something HUGE- and I’m over the moon to finally share this with you!   It’s been my sweetest SECRET for the last few months testing it on myself, my family, my private clients, corporate clients…   And everyone says the same thing- OMG […]


the dis-ease of Queens 0

Who would you rather be, a Queen or an Empress- have you ever thought about that?   I remember once before we married Luke having an issue with me about something and telling me ‘a Queen wouldn’t do that’ to which I replied:   ‘I am not nor ever want to be a Queen- I am […]


exciting news!!! 0

I have some exciting news! I will speaking at a 3-day LIVE EVENT this Fall and YOU’RE INVITED. My dear friend Patty Contenta whom I brought you the Sensuality Summit with  has asked me to do a special presentation at her gorgeous live event EYE ~ Embrace Your Essence and I would love to see […]

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