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time to break some rules~ a la reinvention!

Hello Beautiful Rule Breaker, I see you here!

Where to begin, so much has happened since we connected last…

Whenever we feel stuck or down or out just of sync  it’s an OPPORTUNITY

to reflect and reinvent, and O this is FUN and crazy exciting~

so I decided it’s time to BREAK MY RULES.

And before I knew it, my path literally began to reinvent itself.

Maybe YOU want to break the rules too 😉

Lately I’ve been in a major funk and reevaluating everything…

Like I said last time, its time to dream a new dream for myself.

It’s time for an intervention I call REINVENTION.

And, to stop crying, and start mischievously SMILING.

Because if what you’re doing isn’t making you happy, it’s time for a change!

So with all the newfound freedom that comes with an empty nest

I have been marinating into a new Vision for my life…

I’m NOT WAITING until I have it all perfectly presentable-

because whatever you wait for- WAITS FOR YOU.

I’ve been spending time with my secret lady-love— DESIGNING.

It’s something I only get to do when a VIP client flys in for her sacred

transformational Photoshoot and Custom gown I create based on her Essence.

I never sell these gowns, I GIFT THEM TO MY CLIENTS.

Can you imagine how fun and exciting it is for me and my client to experience

her Empress Day together dreaming up the most exquisite celebration of her…

If I had it my way I’d be creating gorgeous gowns for a world of women!


What happened was I had shared some of my designs on Facebook

and several women reached out asking if I would design for them.

I told them I don’t sell my creations; but they persisted in requesting.

I even received a BIG order from a colleague, and another for a bridal party!


This is an exclusive opportunity to have a sensual Shakaya gown.

But before I take you there something else happened,

a COSMIC CARESS letting me know I was truly on the right path…

I was approached by a magazine regarding my son for an upcoming

modelling gig- he had done it last year and they wanted to rebook him.

But he isn’t available this year so when I let her know, I cheekily added:

‘But if you ever want to highlight an up and coming local designer…”

They asked to see some samples of my work and before you knew it I was invited

to do a collection for this private fashion show for industry professionals.

OMGoodness how FAST the Universe moves when WE are in

alignment AND are willing to expand into a new dream.



I never thought my work could be featured in a Fashion Show as

I had kept my designs private, SOLEY FOR MY VIP CLIENTS.

The simple act of intending and opening and being willing to break a cherished rule

of mine created this fun, magical new development in my business.


Where in your life or business can you begin your OWN reinvention?

Please share in the comments, I’d love to cheer you on!


with sheer abandon,

ps If it’s in your pleasure to have your own Shakaya gown








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  1. Kathy

    Oh Shakaya! You certainly raised the bar for us all now my dearest…tee..he..hee. All this a side. I am over the moon to hear of this news and to get to see some many of your magnificent designs and all that you have been up too, Bravo. I absolutely am embracing this newest facet of your path with you. Such a natural progression for you when you think about it, not only do fully understand how important it is for a woman to feel seen and heard you have a natural gift to find luxurious fabrics that make a woman look and feel her most beautiful, you are gifted with the ability to design gowns that enhance a woman’s body, which is a divine gift. I am oh so excited for this new opportunity for you to bring your designs out into the forefront, your designs fill a niche’ that has been void for way too long…I love everything about your designs. On one hand they are easy and organic by the very nature of their design and fabric content and on the other hand they bring an opulent haute couture element while remaining very wearable. Who could possible fill such a huge space in woman’s ready to wear, other than yourself. My heart is soaring with yours at this news dearest Beauty. As we move forward with yet another planetary shift keep in mind to use the Neptune energies to help you as you move forward using the feelings of confusion/ denial that may arise to clearly work for you instead of against you, look at anything that may seem like a block/confusion and strongly deny it while embracing your truth as you desire it. Embracing nothing less than only the best for yourself, and even though there may be reflections that are showing up that would suggest other wise. Deny them! You are a one of a kind creatrix who’s manifesting only the finest of all things, everything else will fall away as you deny them. You are such an inspiration to me, I love you so. Here’s to more of everything that fills you up till you over flow with more and more bliss. XO

    Posted November 21, 2017 at 10:23 pm | Permalink
  2. Shakaya

    Kathy, this is so heartfelt and thoughtful, receiving your love and gorgeous support, thank you dearest Beauty Xxo!

    Posted November 22, 2017 at 4:11 am | Permalink

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