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a rainy walk to thank you

Your support since my last vlog ‘a thousand tears’ means the world to me!

This community is wise and loving and I feel so blessed.

I made a video out in the rain for you HERE:

and it’s fun~ Luke was the highlight and stole the show LOL! 


I’m a bit of a MESS these days and my crown feels wobbly

but I don’t HIDE IT for the lotus blooms in the mud …

and we’re not here to be perfect because we already ARE Divine-

we’re here to experience being human and there’s no shame in our struggles

and the more we embrace the MESSY UGLY UNCERTAINTY RUPTURE

the faster we move through them to transform and rise in rapture.


And having YOU here with me during this huge transition is grace…


i love you,



ps Comments I received resonate so deeply:

“I can feel your grief, grief for the family life YOU created.

You missed out on a lot of Family times when your beautiful Mom passed

at such a young age, you went on, digging in your heels for survival.

You did the work to manifested a fairytale lifestyle

while doing the very difficult work that was required of you…

teaching your beautiful boys the importance of health and integrity

all while sharing with those around you all your knowledge so generously.

Now things are showing up in your life very differently,

the new silence in the house that reminds you of the aloneness

you felt after your Mom passed…

Many things can trigger our core issues even when we truly believed we have done

all our releasing and detox work…it turns out we are never done.

“I find your testimony very beautiful…as real as life is…
I appreciate that you have the courage to let yourself be seen vulnerable,
it makes me feel good about my own vulnerable moments…
Thank you,
Loving hug xo”

“I have been following you and admiring you from afar for probably close to 10 years. I have always felt a deep resonance and with you and all you represent. When I am challenged, I secretly attempt to channel you and your feminine wisdom and inspiration. But I have never reached out to you before now. Your message and video today has touched me so, that I had to reach out and let you know that you are very loved, and even in your vulnerability, you continue to inspire and comfort. 

I am also in a period of my life where I am shedding a thousand tears.

I feel that I have lost my community, my tribe, my only “child”, my purpose, my inspiration, my success, my identity. Life is very different in my new chapter, and there is unlimited potential — but even though I have so much love from my husband and abundance around me, somehow I still feel lost and empty.

I know that speaking what is true — especially those very very vulnerable feeling and thoughts —is the first step to healing.  So, I honor you for expressing your sadness and exposing your vulnerability. We WILL re-invent ourselves at this time in our lives. 

I am on this journey with you and I am sending you love and comfort. And so much gratitude for being there for me all these years;). I often think of you as a softer, more refined and elegantly beautiful soul sister — and you have brought me so much inspiration over the years. Keep on keeping on, dear soul sister. The world needs your gift.” 


I suspect you’re feeling extra-special feelings of loss right now

because your Mum never got to send you, Paul and Melanie off,

and you are feeling you’re drowning in the depth

of the loss of your boys leaving your nest.”




“I talk every single day and I spend time with my 24 yr old son and yes it’s still difficult.

I miss him constantly.

And yes I worry too, about all the big and small things.

I stay connected (regardless) of what drama etc is happening in my own life.

I have never ever let a day go by that I don’t at least message him, or text,

or call and of course send musings of one kind or another.

 And yes I still miss him as you miss your boys.

Get choked up and become weepy.

It is (our) “job” (not really an effort of course) to stay connected and (to never ever)

wait for our kids to reach out to us.

It is our job to do that, no exceptions to this rule of quality empowering parenting.”


That one helped me realise how deeply my partner Luke is feeling…





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  1. Kathy

    What an immensely thoughtful gift this was…My goodness. You guys are so sweet together and so much fun to watch…your guy is so thoughtful and oh oh oh so handsome! Also a great videographer. You are both so right the only constant is change. It’s so awesome that you are leaning in to reinventing your selves and your lives now. Especially potent time for change and complete transformation. As we go forward we must all keep in mind if we are feeling sad it’s because we are living in the past …if we are feeling anxious it’s because we are living in the future. Must stay conscious to embrace the gift that is the present. The present is all that we have that is certain….and yes truly easier said than done on many occasions . Yet as with all things the more we practice the easier it becomes. I must tell you I adore that your Sweet Luke called you his butterfly girl! What a precious thing to say …along with sealing his love for you with a tender kiss….so beautiful. Your dress is simply gorgeous. Your designs are so flattering and oh so unique. Everything you create is so special and so beautiful, just like you! I want you to know from my heart I am so thankful for you…you are such a blessing in truly countless ways. My prayer for you today is may Archangel Raphael cover you in heart healing emerald green light ~ Amen~ I love U so~ XO

    Posted October 18, 2017 at 10:27 pm | Permalink
  2. Kathy

    Also wanted to say I love the quote you shared…it jolted me deeply…must not let these painful circumstances make us become someone we are not…this is a pivotal piece of very sound advice….see this is why I love you so…thank you dear Beauty~ Remain blessed always.

    Posted October 18, 2017 at 10:35 pm | Permalink
  3. Earth Empress

    Kathy… Kathy… je t’adore Xxo

    Posted October 18, 2017 at 11:25 pm | Permalink
  4. Blessed be my friend!! Being empty nesters is truly a wonderful thing, and know that everyone is safe and sound <3 xoxo

    Posted October 19, 2017 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

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