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3 rituals of renewal for spring

Greetings Gorgeous!

While I still have some snow lingering, I know Spring IS coming…

I can’t wait to see her new colorful gowns and smell her fresh and fragrant aroma again!

Already I hear the birds singing at sunrise and it fills my heart with such beauty and JOY.

Many of you enjoyed a glimpse into my sensual morning meditation last time and today I have more of my rituals for you to explore!

I love to mark the changing seasons with some ritual and here are 3 you may enjoy:

  1. With intention, I EMPRESSIFY my environment- Spring Cleaning! It’s such a wonderful thing to finally be able to throw open the windows and doors and go through your home with an eye for what needs refreshing- carpets, curtains, quilts, winter clothes stored, letting go of anything that doesn’t feel good or right or beautiful anymore= creates space for magic! No need to get overwhelmed- just start with 1 room or even a drawer and cleanse and beautify your space with some clean rags soaked in water and essential oils (my favourite ones are HERE) and tidy up and streamline your space for a feeling of sweet renewal.

  2. This is the most wonderful time to do a CLEANSE… Some of us did The Body Cleanse recently but there are always more layers to kiss and cherish, right? This time I invite you to join me for the SLIM RADIANCE System. It’s shorter and lighter than The Body Cleanse and the focus includes not only the nutrition piece but also THE BEST exercises to keep you slim and radiant, and they take only 5 minutes a day! People always asks me how I stay slim and toned and THIS program reveals all my real life secrets! This program is especially great if you want to slim and tone those tricky areas: BUTT, THIGHTS, BELLY


  3. YONI STEAMING~ I’ve shared about this in the Chakra Baths Rituals class and yet many of you still haven’t tried so I’m inviting you again to allow yourself this gorgeous sacred feminine ritual. It gently cleanses and tones our lady garden- lips, vulva, and wombspace through light steam that is infused with certain flowers and herbals. You can read about Yoni Steams HERE. You can also buy the herbals there (or at your health food store) plus they have a yoni seat and a yoni meditation available. This isn’t a ‘spring time only’ ritual for you can enjoy it year round but if you haven’t ever had one or it’s been a while Spring energy is calling you…


    What Spring Rituals do you love? Please share in the comments!

    with Spring beauty,

    ps NEXT TIME I’ll be sharing about the Ceremonial Gowns I’ve created for Yoni Steams and other sacred feminine ritual and celebration!

    pps Here’s what you’ll discover in the SLIM RADIANCE SYSTEM:

    • 2 teaspoons of this simple substance a day can end BLOAT after meals
    • a simple food that will help you reduce 80% of BELLY FAT
    • what causes inflammation and how to eliminate it to lose up to 5-10 POUNDS
    • the BEST Lunch and Dinner options for long term weight-loss PLUS SUSTAINED Energy
    • the optimal time to exercise for FAT BURNING 
    • a way to boost natural hydration that also flushes toxins
    • my most effective (and gentle on joints) exercises to reduce stubborn fat on your HIPS & BUTT in just 5 minutes a day!



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