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Wealthy Woman LIVE with Shakaya

Dear Phenomenal Woman,

You may have noticed that successful, feminine women are NOT stressed out all the time, or lacking support, opportunities and abundance.  Women who don’t understand and apply feminine principles to their life and business burn out all the time.

  • *Do you know in your heart that you are doing too much and yet you still are not attracting enough?
  • *Do you look at Feminine Leaders who are living their dreams and think they are just lucky?
  • *Do you have a big message, but are struggling with not enough support, time, or money?
  • *Are you neglecting yourself and are out of balance in your life?

Here’s a secret abundant women know:

Your NET WORTH is affected by your SELF WORTH.

How you care for and think of yourself has
everything to do with your FREQUENCY,
which directly impacts your Wealth.

If you’re reading this, I know you’re a woman with a Mission, and you simply can’t afford to be in either LACK or OVERWHELM.

Woman today are exhausted from all the external doing and striving- it’s SO frustrating to be working so hard and not having the life you ultimately desire!

But DOING more isn’t the answer.

Creating what you want (dream clients, a support network, the right opportunities, more money) through ALIGNMENT is!

Women who nourish their femininity manifest what they want in their life and business while taking exquisite care of themselves.

Wealth comes from the root word that means ‘well-being’. True wealth involves both MONEY and WELLNESS. But many women are depleted and overwhelmed, which stops them from living their fullest life, AND having the impact they desire in the world.

Depletion energy is NOT attractive to wealth.

How you hold yourself in the world is reflected in every area of your life, and especially wealth.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • *Attract awesome relationships with clients and partners who are a perfect match for you
  • *Receive higher fees for what you do– without feeling guilty
  • *Look and live like a Queen by honoring the needs of your feminine body and soul
  • *Enjoy a rich social circle of women on your speed dial ready to support and celebrate you
  • *Attract fulfilling opportunities in your personal and professional life with action that is aligned, not frantic
  • *Have more money for the luxuries of life you desire such as regular spa days, vacations, a beautiful home, inspiring wardrobe, assistants, new car etc 

ALIGNMENT is THE secret to success or struggle!

I invite you to join me to attend my first ever LIVE event to:

Deepen your ability to Receive
Uplevel your Wealth Consciousness
and get highly profitable Mentoring

An exclusive and luxurious VIP Day for the Woman ready for Wealth!

Uplevel your Wealth Consciousness AND Self Care so you can confidently create the wealth you desire as the Feminine Leader you are by discovering:

  • *The misunderstood relationship between giving and receiving and WHY overgiving actually disempowers your ability to attract money
  • *Hidden factors that are the real source of overwhelm and how to break free of this damaging pattern for good
  • *How to know what your feminine body is telling you when making a decisionbefore you say Yes or NO
  • *The practice to become absolutely magnetic to the people, opportunities and money that you desire
  • *Heal your stressful and outdated money story once and for all so you can become IRRESISTIBLE to wealth

This event is exclusively for women who are ready to shift their old paradigm around money by becoming abundant in every area of their life!

You’ll be surrounded and supported by women who like you, are committed to playing a bigger game and inspiring others by being a model for true abundance in their lives.

You are meant to have abundance in every area of your life!

This event will be a joyful space where you can take a powerful, life-changing step forward, to become the abundant woman you are meant to be!

The Wealthy Woman Experience

with Fatma Zaidi and Shakaya Leone

Wednesday May 9, 2012
10 am – 5 pm
Location: Delta Markham Hotel
50 East Valhalla Drive
Markham ON L3R 0A3

 This event is already 25% sold out!

Reserve Your Spot Now

Your investment $297
Early Bird Registration $197 before May 2

We have arranged a fabulous raw and vegetarian lunch for you in the deluxe environment of a beautiful hotel. If you have any specific requirements do let us know at the time of your registration.

Fatma Zaidi Shakaya Leone

p.s. You can just feel it when someone’s life is in lack or out of balance, and your client’s can, too. Having a strong wealth and wellness foundation as a woman is necessary for success.

Lift and raise and forever increase your attraction power at the Wealthy Woman Experience!

The Wealthy Woman Facillitators

Fatma Zaidi Fatma Zaidi empowers and inspires. An enlightened Mentor and conscious Coach, she provides tools and resources for Feminine Leaders around the world.She helps clients transform their wealth-consciousness by applying divine feminine principles to life and business.A Feminine Leadership Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and Money Breakthrough Method Coach, Fatma has served clients while living on 4 different continents over the last 18 years.After moving to Switzerland at the age of 12 and to the Middle East upon marriage, Fatma now makes her home with her husband and 3 children in Toronto, Canada.

Shakaya Leone is a Health and Beauty Stylist, wife and mother, the author of Naked Beauty and Nude Food.Shakaya is an inspired voice in the natural health community and founder of, a company dedicated to helping women embody their power through Exquisite Self-Care.
Shakaya has co-created worldwide events attracting tens of thousands of women featuring Marianne Williamson, Marci Shimoff, Byron Katie and dozens of other luminaries.
Shakaya works with budding icons and feminine leaders who require radiant health and vitality to live their Legacy.


We look so forward to seeing YOU at The Wealthy Woman Experience!


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  1. Krizza

    Yes! The reality is that we can all be that woman, if we change the way we think and feel!

    Posted April 28, 2012 at 2:56 am | Permalink
  2. Earth Empress

    Yes Krizza, that is the transformation available to all of us who are willing to do what it takes to step into that 🙂

    Posted April 30, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

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